Moo-ving on Through – Fort Worth, TX

The two of us rolled our way out of Opie’s stuffed to the gills with amazing BBQ and made hastily towards Forth Worth to see the Stock Yards and maybe hopefully some longhorn cattle while we were there. Once in town we tired a bit quicker than we expected, however we still had our fun! Here are some of the highlights:



The resident herd at the stockyards.


The Stockyards are the product of there being a high demand for beef and the railways finally finding their way into the west eliminating the need for mutli-month and thousands of miles of cattle drives. The Stockyards see thousands of longhorns, other breeds of cattle, and horses every year (not as much as when the stockyards were in full swing, but still a lot!). We walked into the stockyards with the expectation that all of the pens would be filled to the brim with cattle and horses, however, the stockyards were in the process of doing some remodeling (boo..) so there were maybe a dozen longhorn out and about.

Fort Worth Stables

The dutiful guard of the stables.

We were wondering around the stockyards area (and many things are closed on Sundays) when we happened by the Fort Worth Stables and were welcomed in by a guy named Michael. The Fort Worth Stables have many mules, ponies, horses, (and even reindeer!!!) that they use for giving trail rides, pulling carriages, and other Fort Worth attractions. We had such a great time petting and visiting with the animals.

Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

The high points of the hall of fame are the museum exhibits including an exhibit of how Justin boots have evolved over time and one about a famous early Texas Ranger who led a hunt for Santa Anna. If you aren’t a close follower of the PRCA, PBR, cutting horse competitions, reigning competitions, or horse racing, most of the people featured in the hall of fame portion will be unrecognizable aside from Willie Nelson and a couple former NFL players. However, we enjoyed our time in the museum portion and had a chuckle at a display in the hall of fame which was stuck playing a 4 second clip of a Rick Steeve’s Travel show on a grainy loop.

Local’s suggestions (places we didn’t get to check out):

Fred’s Texas

An old school bar that’s held out in a newly gentrified part of town. The place to go for a slice of old Fort Worth.

Joe T. Garcias

The best margarita in town, our lyft driver said he hates margaritas, unless it’s a margarita from Joe T. Garcia’s. Not too far from the stockyards just off of Main St

There are also “cattle drives” twice daily through the downtown Fort Worth area where they drive about 40 longhorn through the streets.


More Puppy Pictures (because Danielle drank a glass of wine and wont leave me alone until they are all included):

p.s. the best one is the last one.

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