Chocolates and Cheesesteaks – Pennsylvania

Its been a few weeks since our last post, but we are trying to keep on top of posting. From our nation’s capital we went on through Pennsylvania, eating and drinking all of the way! Here are a few stops we thought were worthy of sharing with you all. (And for the record, we never had the chocolates and cheese steaks together!)

Hershey World

A must stop in Pennsylvania for any sweet or chocolate lover. Take a tour of the “factory” (there are singing cows! Need we say more?). Then, do a tasting of different chocolate styles before buying a half metric ton of chocolate goods. Go ahead! We sure did. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and got more chocolate than any two human beings need for the rest of our trek. The coolest thing you can do in Hershey World is create your own chocolate bar. You start with a base of chocolate and fill the middle with rice puffs, chocolate cookie crumbs, and more. Then, you get to watch your chocolate bar being made and you even get to design the box you receive it in! We got extremely lucky and were given two tickets to make chocolate bars by a sweet couple who claimed they “couldn’t eat another bite of chocolate.”… This is a feeling that is foreign to James and me. No such thing.


We stopped in to check out the historic market in town that began in 1730! It’s an indoor food market that has every kind of food you could ask for plus some crafty things you can pick up, too! They have a great selection of produce and a great place to stop in for lunch! We ended up with some tasty strawberries and a pulled pork sandwich.


Independence Hall

Independence Hall is free to tour, but we would have paid to go inside anyhow. It’s an incredible building with great history. We got our tickets for the tour from the offices a few blocks away and ended up getting in a little trouble coming into the property. We couldn’t find the entrance to join the tour, but we did find the entrance to the museum attached and were led to a door that would take us to the courtyard for the tours, however the police officer patrolling the courtyard did not enjoy our entrance through the museum, and we got lightly scolded and lead out to another entrance to go back in through.

Liberty Bell

All you’ve gotta do to see this piece of American history is hop in line near independence hall and head through some metal detectors. After a short walk through a small museum the building opens up to a rotunda with the bell in the middle. This area was packed with tourists like us, but with a little patience you can make it up near the bell to take a look and snap a picture.


We stopped into this Irish pub for a drink and ended up finding the best wings in Philly (not our ranking, but the city’s). We would have to agree that they were quite good, and had no issue in eating a dozen between the two of us. Danielle made friends with the lady next to her and before we knew it we were getting suggestions on easy ways to get into New York City and where to go for exceptionally good pizza on our way up the coast.


Being it was the day of the Kentucky Derby we had to find somewhere to watch it, we found out there was a shindig at McGillans old ale house (the oldest bar in the city). The place was packed and the atmosphere was jovial so needless to say we enjoyed ourselves and the race before seeking out a Philly Cheese steak.

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