Boondocking Through the South – Charleston, SC & Lookout Mountain Parkway

We’d like to apologize for our 2-month hiatus. James and I got behind during our trip and then neglected our posting while home and searching for work, but we just moved from California to Oregon. It has been a busy and slightly stressful transition, but we’ve finally found the time to catch up on our beloved albeit neglected blog! Let us tell you… there are  many, many, many blog posts to come and we’re so very excited to share them. Thank you for not giving up on us and thank you for following our Unguided Experiences!


A typical example of the historic architecture around  Charleston.

This was the first place we found that had designated parking in a parking garage for RV’s! We were able to boondock (stay the night with no hookups) overnight right in the middle of the city which was great! We explored the city a bit one night, then got up early in the morning to explore a bit more before we were on the road again.

Charleston City Market

We had thought this market was a farmers market where you could buy fresh produce, maybe a bit of art, and we were surprised to find that this market had a lot of art and a lot of tourist draws which was a little disappointing. The art was really neat; we found wine-scented candles, bottle cap art, basket weaving, sculptures and paintings, but because we don’t have our own place yet, we’ve been waiting to buy any decorations. This market wasn’t our speed, so we ended up leaving with a postcard and grabbing some lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant, the Charleston Crab House (try their fried green tomatoes!), and hitting the road again.


Lookout Mountain Parkway

DO go chasing waterfalls! A beautiful waterfall found off of the Lookout Mountain Parkway.

This stretch of road begins in Gadsden, Alabama and takes you all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The drive is gorgeous and the break from driving on highways and interstates couldn’t have come sooner.

Desoto State Park

There’s no entrance fee and the Lookout Mountain Parkway drives straight through, but we decided to stop and check out the walking trails. There are some amazing springs, gorgeous waterfalls, and we even spotted a pileated woodpecker as it searched for food, drumming the ground with its beak as it did so! These large birds are so intriguing and not very common, so it was a treat to spot one!


Cloudland Canyon State Park

This is a State Park that’s about a mile off the Lookout Parkway and does have a day fee (only about $6). We didn’t end up staying here long, but we wished we had had the time to hike the trails here! We drove in to the lookout point and were met with some spectacular views. We felt like we’d stepped onto the set for Jurassic Park because the canyon stretched for miles with waterfalls and vibrant green slopes. We almost passed up this State Park, but we’re glad we took the time to make the stop!

Rock City

This is a big draw for a lot of tourists to come drive the Lookout Mountain Parkway and it’s just about at the end of the parkway. Rock City is an attraction and we didn’t know until we got there that there’s a $20 entrance fee per person. Yikes. We almost didn’t go in. It’s basically a rock garden which some pretty cool rock formations (that are also a pretty tight squeeze.. shouldn’t have eaten all that chocolate..) and more spectacular views. James and I both agreed that the views would have been better if they weren’t in a privately owned amusement park that was heavily built up and we probably won’t go again, but it was cool to see once.

Stay tuned, we plan on getting back to a post a week!

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